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My Approach

Ricardo Alarcon- Consultant

My experience derives from working in Local Government for several years. First I want to get to know you and your business ideas. We will discuss what trade you are in, prospective locations, permits and licenses you might need to get started. Then we will consider your short-term and long-term plans for your business and choose the best course of action. If you are starting a business for the first time or expanding your business, we are here to give you the most strategic advice to help you succeed.

IBA wants to become the leader in the industry for new business consulting. We want to create a community of new business owners and entrepreneurs that learn and grow from each other.

My Story

From my first day on the job with Code Enforcement for local government I noticed one theme. Constantly, entrepreneurs moved forward with new ventures; without knowing how to navigate the complex relationship between businesses and government. I also noticed that a lot of realtors and general contractors do not always posses the specific knowledge to help their clients. Often business owners found themselves having to move locations and losing deposits on already signed leases.  Others were left with having obtaining expensive after-the-fact permits to legalize alterations and legitimize their businesses.

Analyzing this gap in the industry, Infinity Business Advisement LLC was born. My priority is helping business men and women to launch new businesses without any unforeseen obstacles. I may be new to the trade as an independent consultant, but I have been helping business owners for a few years. It does not matter if it is incorporating an entity or selecting the correct location and obtaining local business tax receipts; I have the expertise to get you to where you need to go.

My Mission

To guide every client; through loyalty to their ideals and dreams. Keeping always the duty to create a strategic business plan that will be lucrative for the present and successful for the future.

My Vision

A company that provides every prospective entrepreneur the knowledge to be able to successfully open a business on their own. To build a network of local businesses that support growth and sustainability by creating partnerships with one another. To become an industry leader in training prospective business men and women every aspect of opening a new business.